Hosting Groups

Bethel-Park Bible Chapel
Hosting Groups

The hosting groups have been designed to give everyone at the chapel an opportunity to serve in this ministry.

The Co-ordinator of the Hosting Groups (Stephanie Padusenko) will let the appropriate Group leaders know when an event is their responsibility. Events could include, but are not restricted to, showers, outreach events and potlucks. If you know of an event that needs to be hosted, please let Stephanie know. Groups will rotate so that the workload will be shared equally by all.

Co-leaders are to be responsible for contacting group members so everyone can assist in the set-up and clean up, food preparation and decoration for an event. Please be aware that Krissnadra Nantais purchases certain products for the Chapel, such as paper plates, napkins, etc. Please contact her well in advance if you are aware of a need in this area. Depending on the size of the event, the group may wish to handle it completely, or ask everyone at the chapel to contribute in some way.

Thank-you to those on our list who are physically unable to serve, but continue to contribute to this ministry in other ways.

J Heikoop F Allen Johnson
Padusenko Toman Nantais
Coffey Berry L Allen
Copoc Bouman Avey
Cracknell Burchell Burton
Doyle Clarke Cherniak
Edwards Donnelly B Collins
Fennell Easveld M Collins
Foster Farquharson A Cooper
Frayle Forbes D Cooper
Gardner W Heikoop M Crawford
Goetze Klomp W Crawford
B Heikoop McElrea Fisher
C Maxwell D Nunn Hansford
M Maxwell M Nunn R Heikoop
Rylance Potter Hill
Williams Tremblay Lipske
Wilson Vince Marshall
D Young Wegner C Rose
Wiggins Tiffin