Nursery & Toddler Schedule

*3 workers now scheduled for 11 am (as there will usually be 7+ little ones)

If 6 or less, one person can feel free to take a pager and you can be paged to return if needed.

Ratio for nursery is 1 worker : 3 children

 DATE Nursery (9:30am) 2’s & 3’s (9:30am)  Nursery (11am) Nursery and 2’s & 3’s (6pm) Combined in Nursery Room
Nov 5 Elizabeth, Kara Janice, Marisa Stephanie P, Barb, Shelly N: Deanna, Amber
2/3: Krissandra, Brooklyn
Nov 12 Doris, Diane Tara, Brooklyn Stephanie V, Althea, Winnifred Shantel, Victoria
Nov 19 Barb, Kara Stephanie P, Mya Bonnie, Ashie, Katie Hospitality Night
No Evening Meeting
Nov 26 Shantel, Amber Shelly, Aisha Krissandra, Althea, Winnifred Janice, Elizabeth
Dec 3 Stephanie P, Marisa Joanne M, Brooklyn Stephanie V, Katie, Bonnie Deanna, Victoria
Dec 10 Doris, Amber Tara, Marisa Winnifred, Shelly, Althea Christmas Presentation
(No Formal Nursery)
Dec 17 Joanne M, Kara Stephanie P, Mya Barb, Ashie, Katie Carol Sing at the Padusenko’s
Dec 24 Diane, Amber Krissandra, Brooklyn Stephanie V, Shelly, Althea Christmas Eve
No Evening Meeting
Dec 31 Janice, Marisa Shantel, Aisha Stephanie V, Bonnie, Winnifred New Years Eve
No Evening Meeting