Nursery & Toddler Schedule

*3rd worker (In Brackets) to check-in prior to 11 am to see if you are needed to help due to number of infants and toddlers present.

Ratio for nursery is 1 worker : 3 children.

If not immediately needed, please take a pager so you can be paged if needed during the service, Thank you!!

 DATE Nursery (9:00am) 2’s & 3’s (9:00am)  Nursery (11am)
Jul 2 Elizabeth, Doris Deanna, Joanne M Sarah, Althea
Jul 9 Stephanie P, Marissa Janice, Kara Stephanie V, Katie
Jul 16 Bonnie, Rachel Krisandra, Brooklyn Shelly, Erika T
Jul 23 Shantel, Katie Stephanie P, Mya, Marissa Barb, Winnifred
Jul 30 Diane, Erika T Ashie, Aiasha Althea, Krisandra