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Featured Missionary


Debbie Cooper


¡Buenas noches a todos en Bethel-Park!
As the warmth and newness of life of Spring comes to Southern Ontario, the coolness of Fall and more gray skies are settling in here in Santiago, Chile. 
The OM Chile team returned to Santiago from the Logos Hope on March 14 and, after a week off to rest, all the ministries started up again after the summer break in January and February.  As Debbie looks back on her time on the ship, she was reminded once again that the Lord's timing is always perfect and that He was in full control of the dates she was to be there.  It was a challenge to try and speak Spanish with visitors and she felt very inadequate, but each day she was forced to examine her attitude and willingness to be open to whatever and whoever the Lord chose to bring her way inspite of her "feelings".  And He brought many unexpected surprises her way....young people who wanted to practice their English - a few of them having a passion for missions and wanting more information to go overseas, a family from the US who had just moved to the south of Chile to be independent missionaries and needed encouragement dealing with culture shock, young crew members who wanted to chat about life and knowing the Lord's will, and "more mature" crew members who were glad to have a conversation with one of their peers.  The Lord also surprised her with how much she was ministered to by some of the crew members, especially a couple who had just arrived on the ship themselves after decades serving in the Arabian Peninsula!  She knows the Lord was using them to encourage me and plant seeds for life in the future. 
Since returning to Santiago, life has continued to be very busy.  Debbie’s finance responsibilities still take most of her time.  Sometimes this makes it difficult to get time for Spanish studies and ministry.  However, she’s so glad to be out on the streets again (usually 2 times per month) and serving the Cena de Amor (Meal of Love) monthly with those living on the streets.  She is also part of the OM Chile leadership team and they’ve had a lot to catch up on after the team being on the ship from January through mid-March.  She’s also involved in the follow-up of visitors to the ship, particularly those who are interested in supporting sending Chileans to the least reached.  She’s also enjoying mentoring one of the Intensive Mission Training students this year.
Prayer Points: follow-up of the ship's visit (thank the Lord and pray for the new representatives the Lord has raised up across Chile), Chilean Christians would respond to the Lord's invitation to go to the least reached, provision for travel expenses for team members to facilitate the conferences, Agape Ministry (outreach to those living on the streets, shelter and protection for them as the nights get cold, response to the Gospel message), Cena de Amor - May 11 and June 8 - servant hearts of love as we serve the meal, for the music team, the speaker and that people would be saved!  Pray for salvation for Juan and Armando - two of the friends I regularly see on the streets. 
More specific for our beloved sister: openness and surrender to the Lord’s leading, thankfulness and perseverance in the midst of challenges, mentoring of Gabriella, ability to master conversational Spanish and her application for a long term visa.


Peter and Nelly Cerqueira

Our feature missionaries for the months of March and April are Peter and Nelly Cerqueira, It was a blessing to have been able to spend time with Peter and Nelly, and to welcome Daisy into the family. Nelly and Peter returned to Portugal on February 8th. They will be continuing the work of evangelism and building up believers. In Portugal, there has been a failure to disciple believers. Many are given leadership positions that they are unqualified for because there aren’t many to choose from. There is very little Bible training and study. Assembly members are not sharing their faith with others and the Gospel is not going forth. There are still unreached areas, and areas in which churches have died and no evangelical work remains. By God’s grace, Peter and Nelly hope to see the church revived and new works started. Peter is involved in Bible teaching and preaching in various assemblies. He is also working on a YouTube channel, since people spend more time on the internet than reading or studying. There is very little good Bible teaching in Portuguese. Praise the Lord for continued progress on the house and grounds. They have a little over four acres and Peter and Nelly want to use all of it to honour the Lord. Through the work and upkeep, they continue to make connections and build bridges for the sake of the Gospel.
Pray that they would be bold in evangelism, always giving a reason for the hope that lies within them.

January/February 2019

Pablo and Sarah Cenepo-Torres


Pablo, Sarah Cenepo-Torres and family serve in Trujillo, Peru. They are currently on furlong, with family in Maryland, US., Lord willing they will return in June.
Pray - For their adoption journey, that God will make everything clear and show which child should belong to them.  That their time in the USA would be refreshing, that their reports would be intentional focused on the furtherance of the Gospel. For the leadership of Centro Biblico Trujillo and that the Church body would desire to meet together more and more. For Hogar de Esperanza (Orphanage) that the land disputes would be settled, children would come to salvation, new children would adjust well to their new home and those being adopted would remember the truth they were taught.