Bethel-Park Bible Chapel

Featured Missionary

Featured Missionary

July/August 2018

Our featured missionaries for the months of July and August are Clinton and Ann Saito, who serve the Lord in Armstrong, Ontario and are near and dear to our hearts. Their five children - Silas, Barnabas, Hadassah, Lydia and Andrew are affectionately called their little lambs.

They continue to be a lampstand in Armstrong and Whitesand by preaching the Word, holding Bible studies and other practical ministries, such as rides, food and ministering to the sick and lonely.  

The Saitos continue a ministry in Gull Bay two Sundays a month and reach out to Collins First Nation as they are able. 

Clinton has a real burden for another First Nations community in Martin Falls and requests prayer for an open door to present the Gospel. 

These ministries can be difficult due to isolation and few Christians to build one another up. Please pray for strength and encouragement as they soldier on in the Lord’s service.