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Featured Missionary

Featured Missionary

January/February 2019

Pablo and Sarah Cenepo-Torres

CMML Missionary Prayer Card!

CMML Missionary Prayer Card!

Pablo, Sarah Cenepo-Torres and family serve in Trujillo, Peru. They are currently on furlong, with family in Maryland, US., Lord willing they will return in June. They have not slowed down in their ministry efforts and work. Below is there most recent update with current happenings and prayer requests.

Adoption Process - After countless hours of reading, writing, and online classes, we are about to complete our home study. As much as I have been the first to whine at times, I admit this has been an incredible journey so far. Talk about marriage therapy, this adoption process is driving us to real heavy soul searching and being completely transparent. I love the way our marriage is being enriched… thank the Lord for having adopted us into His family! Pray: That as our dossier is completed and handed over to the authorities and it comes time to select our child, that God will make it clear who that little child will be.

 What we’ve been doing lately - Outside of the pressures of completing our home study for adoption, I almost feel guilty to admit the good feeling of being free from the high pace of day to day tensions of ministerial responsibilities back in the field. More so if we add the love and consideration we have received from our family here pampering us into their home with full and complete access to all they have… get this, you talk to a remote control and it takes you to your favorite soccer match, it’s great! None the less, we have been involved in ministry in various capacities. Since our arrival we’ve been invited to speak at our local church here and three others in the vicinity. We have been enjoying attending weekly Bible studies and thank the Lord our children have also enjoyed getting involved in youth group and engaging back in relationships with their friends from the past. We are consistently meeting up with folks that have come to serve with us in the past. Our hearts swell to hear of the impact they have felt having come to see the work of the Lord in Peru. I find joy in meeting up with some of my professors from seminary days. I even attended a conference on “Israel and the Holocaust” in TX in early December. What a joy and challenge that was… I loved just sitting and soaking it all in. At the end of the conference, the brethren from Edmonds Lane Gospel Chapel warmly welcomed me and invited me to share our report with them. Pray: That our time here meeting up folks weekly, sharing our reports and preaching will be intentionally focused on the furtherance of the Gospel.

Back in the Trujillo assembly - Though physically absent from the Trujillo assembly, thanks to technology (WhatsApp is a great tool and its free) we’ve been included to give our input to the group of leaders there tirelessly working coming to the end of the year. All of November the leadership facilitated the women’s ministry to mobilize the assembly around the theme of the Persecuted Church. A generous offering collected during that month will be going to a project that seeks to provide Bibles to people in the Middle East.  The greatest highlight in December was the Christmas celebration that themed a presentation based on one of the works by C.S. Lewis. And, the icing on the cake celebrating the Savior’s birth was the baptism of six new believers. Pray: For the leadership of Centro Biblico Trujillo as they prepare to host another Laymen’s Training session in January. We will have visiting teachers from Peru and abroad. Pray that the church body will set aside time from baking in the sun to attend the monthlong classes being offered.

Hogar de Esperanza (Orphanage) Update - We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the adoptive parents for Johan, Leonela and Yanela . That should take place shortly after Christmas. Some paperwork state side delayed their travel to get their children. Their older brother, Brian, will remain in the orphanage until he turns 18 as he has opted not to be adopted. Our staff is concerned about Brian. On top of all that he has lived through and is about to live through, he was born with a malformed arm. We sense this is becoming a major source of depression and aggression as kids in his school are not kind and considerate.  Please pray for Brian!

Recently our director visited the mountain town where siblings Marita, Merari and Flor came from hoping to receive the documents of declaration of abandonment. Though this is a job that should be completed by the state, knowing they are not moving the case, we decided to invest our own resources and find out how far along things were. Sadly, our director found their file at the very bottom of an Eiffel tower like pile of files (forgive my exaggeration—can’t help it!). He did all he could to pull the file closer to the top. Please pray the Lord to touch the hearts of these lazy bureaucrats!

A sad note brought some joy to our hearts though we pray the Lord to give Fernanda a new opportunity in the future. On December 20, Fernanda arrived from Lima to our facility at Hogar de Esperanza after her national adoption in Peru was called off. We don’t know all the details that brought about this sad conclusion. But we are rejoicing that we can provide a safe and loving “home” for her until the Lord blesses her with a new chance to have a permanent family. Pray for Fernanda and her adjustment to the Hogar de Esperanza family!

Okay, one more thing about the orphanage. The board continues to pursue the best option to sell the property in hopes of relocating to a safer place closer to the city. This move is no small feat. We need you to pray for all that this entails. The local authorities in Trujillo have admitted our complaint about the coal storage facility next door to the orphanage and its permanent contaminating effects. They have selected a special team to come and investigate. Please pray that their investigation is done with integrity! 

Also, as you know, the orphanage depends entirely on the Lord’s provision through His people. Each month we wait on the Lord to provide for the basic needs of the children and our staff.