Bethel-Park Bible Chapel

Our History

Our History

Compiled by Ainslie Cooper


Bethel Hall

This Assembly met for the above time period, starting in Dr. Biere Sr. home. The ultimate home for many years was on Darling Street.

This Assembly was an excellent work. Their Easter Conference was always well attended, and attracted many excellent speakers and sell-out crowds.

In 1925 my Father gave his heart to the Lord, while Dr. Walter Ainslie (Scottish Evangelist) was speaking on THE LOVE OF GOD. (Thus my given name).

Along with Dr. Beire, such men as Ed Chase, Mr. Harwood, Steve Cooper (no relation), George McCarthy, Ernie Woodhouse, Mr. Bygraves, John and Les Rainey and others, kept the assembly on track. The Ladies Sewing circle with the younger ladies supplied many projects for missions.

George McCarthy started a Sunday School outreach, which became Rawdon Street Mission and now Rawdon Street Baptist Church.


North-Park Community Church

Brantfod was expanding to the north (up the hill). Several men at Bethel saw an opportunity, to start a new work at the present site.

These were Sam Benardo, Doug Waters, John Stewart, and others.

Their insight in building with the slanted plastic window wall, was to allow an addition to be added out toward the parking lot, while still meeting in the present auditorium, then remove the plastic wall, with little disruption.

Although we have filled it many times, it has never been though necessary to add on.


North-Park Bible Chapel

As elders we felt this change would allow us to continue to follow our desire to follow New Testament Church principles in the neighborhood.


Bethel-Park Bible Chapel

Bethel on Darling Street decided to join us, and in selling their building, set up retirement funds for their missionaries and full time workers. Graham Burchell and I as Elders, knew that a lot of the ladies had been at Darling Street for fifty or more years, and felt they would feel more at home with this name change. They were thrilled that we would chang it for them.

Graham and I, felt it was time to appoint Deacons, and hopefully train some for elders. After three months we asked Sterling to meet with us.

We had a large and active AWANA program, but the old basement auditorium was just too small for such a program. As now, our children's work has always been rewarding, but we need room.



We met as Elders with the possible idea of adding an addition to the original building. I drew blue prints for a full size gym. We met with the deacons, and found that they were praying about the same thing. Sincle lack of money was a concern, I had drawn the gym floor at ground level, to save money. The deacons had two stipulations:

1. Lower the gym floor, even with the present lower auditorium floor. 2. Need 50% of total cost of the new building on hand.

Number one was no problem, but number two was. Our bank account had $55,000 on deposit. Lanca Construction's quote was $105,000. They would only hold the price for 10 days. What to do?????? We called a Sunday evening assembly meeting and presented the plan. We needed $50,000 IN ONE WEEK.

We set up a week of commitment to get the money promised, and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. The next SUNDAY NITE........we had a promised $68,000.

Some four months and hard work later we had:

1. Gym

2. New big kitchen

3. 2 offices (upstairs)

4. 2 washrooms (upstairs)

5. New S.S. room

6. New storage room, new entrance


Shane & Shelly Johnson

Shane & Shelly Johnson came to us directly from Shane's training in Michigan, began as our Chapel’s Commended Workers. Their major challenge was to work with the Young Peoples' group and Children's groups. The initial areas for concentration to be:

1. Evangelistic outreach

2. Preaching at Bethel-Park

3. Training others to evangelize

4. Working with Young People in outreach and training

The Lord has provided good leadership, each time this assembly might have looked like it might get a little off from where He wanted us to be. Graham Burchell, Sterline McElrea, and myself for many years, with His help and many solid believers have seen this blessing.

Our present elders Wayne Marshall and Marc Tremblay and doing an excellent job in following Scriptural truth, and practice.

The ladies who in a number of cases are busy raising their children, continue to be a real blessing and help in providing meals and help to sick and elderly, as well as provide nourishment as assembly functions.

Having been in fellowship in five assemblies in different cities of Ontario, I would have to place Bethel-Park Bible Chapel, overall at or very near the top of the list.

Please continue to pray for the Lord's blessing and our obedience to HIS WILL THAT EACH OF US, WILL IN TURN, BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS!!!