Bethel-Park Bible Chapel

Undated Messages

The sermons on this list have no known dates for when they were preached. If you have knowledge of any dates of the following, please pass it along to the website designer so that it can be properly categorized in the sermon archives. Thank you.

If you would like to download the MP3 file for the messages: Right-Click on the link that you want and select “Save Link As” It should say “MP3 Format File”, select that option, Next choose a location on your hard drive for the file, Press Save, and it will download there.

The Church – Bill Burton
The Family – Bill Burton
The Civil Christian: Part 1 – Graham Burchell
The Day Of Atonement – Graham Burchell
Titus: Part 1 – Graham Burchell
Titus: Part 2 – Graham Burchell
Luke 14:16-21 – Graham Burchell
Jude 12-19 – Bill Burton (AM)
Jude 20-25 – Bill Burton (PM)
Satan: Part 1 – Bill Burton (AM)
Satan: Part 2 – Alex Wegner (PM)
Peter: Turning Failure Into Fulfillment – Dr. David Humphreys (AM)
Peter’s Courage – Dr. David Humphreys (PM)
Psalm 146 – Peter Bolton
John 1: Behold! – Victor Cherniak
1 John 3:1-3 & Matthew 5:8 – Ben Heikoop
Luke 8:22-39 – Shane Johnson
Psalm 51 – Gordon Rumford
Sir, We Would See Jesus – Graham Burchell